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The bells of Christmas remind you and me

That Santa's checking his list to see

Which children on his "good" list will be

And have lots of presents under the tree.


And every day the doorbell rings

And every day the postman brings

Boxes full of wonderful things,

And colorful holiday greetings.


The bells of Christmas ring out sweet and clear,

Filling the air with holiday cheer,

Thrilling the hearts of all who hear

As Christmas day draws near.


Up in the steeple the church bells sound

Calling to us below on the ground,

While shoppers hurry and scurry around,

Hoping the perfect gift will be found.


The bells of Christmas ring out loud and strong,

Filling the air with their holiday song,

Reminding us all it won't be long

'Til Christmas time is here.


On every street corner a bell rings away,

But in it's clamor it's trying to say:

"Give something to charity on your way,

So all will have a great Christmas day."


The bells of Christmas ring out high and low as their

Christmas blessings they bestow,

The jing'ling of sleighbells in the snow

Says Christmas time is here.


Ding Dong Ding Dong

Ding Dong Ding Dong   Ding ..Dong.


And when your children all have grown

And you are feeling all alone.

A Christmas bell rings in your phone

To tell you they're all coming home!


The bells of Christmas may stop, but then

They start their ringing out once again.

They seem to sing a sort of amen

To peace on earth, good will to men.


They seem to sing a sort of amen.

Amen. Amen.

Peace   on   earth,

Good   will   to   Men.